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Clothes and accessories are ALIVE. They are my little creatures of happy. 😊 My day starts when I spread the wings of my wardrobe. (but coffee first) Imaging to be able to transform clothing into ideas and custom a concept. It’s a feeling.

It’s  e v e r y t h I n g.

So, I do it for myself, I breathe in and throw the first thing that speaks to me and then, I breath it out. When we dress up, we create a visual poem. We tell a history happening on real time. It is our chance to make an impact and conquer. When I open up my doors to the world just to live them behind me, I make sure that every step is a statement. Not for you, for me. Fashion is a personal expression, (not the superficial attention grabbing nonsense cloud-minded people may weather it is).

Anyways, talent is only relevant to success. To succeed you need to commit. And you can’t commit without working hard. This is why I decided after 50hrs a week of doing retail, to give me a chance to upscale my talents and start working hard on the right things. Those things that draw a smirk on the face when you are thinking about them… that sort of weird mixed-feelings, of being something in-love.

I knew my worth and what I was capable off, but when I was younger, just as many, I used to like to be useless. I was too busy to let the world know I was not interested. Naïve. Unthinking. Banging. Too cool for thought. On top of that, I have been paying my bills since 14 years of age. So, I guess you can call it angry as well.

Remember, I was growing up in Mexican’t. Yes, even though I thought I mexicould do something, every-single-time I tried a little, unsuspicious and tiny pointy voices were constantly reminding me that no one mexicouldn’t do anything in our Latinot-so-America. Those mexicunts.

So, the safest thing for me to do was to act like I mexicouldn’t care less. Fashed up and flustered, went on with my millennial life and pseudo worked it out, just to make it through the week. Party. Pretend. Party. Again. Pay. Bills. Pay Bills. Kill Bill. Netflix and… seas the day. Endlessly.

I had to FULL stop.

I wanted to be happy.

Or what was the point really?

I was bored.

Bored on living.



I came through.

And now it brings me to tears of absolute joy, because yes, I have worked so hard for this, yeah. I have taken the craziest risks, and it is finally paying off. I am here. On this blog. Back to school. With emojis 😀 😃 😄 😁

I MexiCAN.

I MexiCAN live my London dreams. I MexiCAN be in-love of the love of my life everyday I get to wake up next to his hipsterness. And, I MexiF*CAN have my dream job. I don’t need anything more (well maybe few more points on my credit score), but that is that. Our generation is not getting a mortgage.

I am back to school! Yeaaah. I have taken the pinstripe out for a walk to match it up my cheeky checked trousers and I feel:

F* for FEMME

F* for Fabulous.

F* for everyf*ckingthing else I am not suppose to websay, say web. Dior forbid.

Anyone thinking on a career in Fashion and Editorial Styling, London College of Style @LCStoday is the ticket. Before I even got into school for my very first class, I had a callback for a working opportunity. – I was like wait-what?? School is in two days! – Stunned. It was an amazing styling gig to first assist the incredibly talented Jessica Swanson for singer Aria @ariamusicoffficial and I got it on the spot. The Press Shots were taking in Hackney’s artsy hub Vibes Studio by emerging photographer Agathe Barré @agathebarre who actually documented the whole thing on 35mm film. Professional Makeup done by Makeup Artist Mata @mariellemm19. You can now Spotify Aria’s powerful voice exploding on her stunning new single Hope here.

Jessica Swanson @jessicaswanson, is a former student of LCS. And after just two years of completing the Advanced Programme at London College of Style, has gone into MAYOR success, dropping names like GQ, Wonderland, Sony, Insanity MusicThe Splurgeboys, etc., all over her resumé. Click here to see her page and cool factor.

My experience with her was everything I wanted to do. I started to paint my fashion walls with the colour working.

I am absolutely confident that the best way to learn and start off your carer in Styling is throughout these working experiences. And you are only going to get those when you are there, on the field, dragging bags and taking the stairs down and up again; Texting, tapping, breaking wheels and carrying trolleys across and beyond  London Underground.

In the time following my first fashion job, I remember that every corner of my muscular being was sore after taking back to 3 different production companies more than 150 items of clothing  +accessories. TWICE. Every pain of that day felt like a reward. And you know why? Because I wasn’t folding 300 pairs of denim in the back of the Sale Room.

I was on the go, with the power of my Oyster Card, sweating fashion and chachachá.

(And I want more, más #fashacha.)


Dolphins are smart. Humans? Well, when it comes to style, I take humans and give you dolphins. One day at the time. As a LCS student, throughout these virtual pages, I will be sharing my journey and my passion for fashion and all things creative. This blog translates the reason why I want to be that silent person in the context, helping to transform a piece of paper into a form of art. – So be it. Let's fashachá. Thank you for reading h e r e.
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