GET IN (or die) Sincerely, THE SOCIAL MEDIA.

So, you want to be an entrepreneur, build your own brand, or perhaps you are just another artist thriving to get noticed yet lost in the World Wide Wilderness of internet life. Oh dear, Oh well, you know what you have to do, don’t ya? You MUST and you should ALWAYS Social Media your way into the unknown. GET IN!


But, if you are just like me, a very active and enthusiastic no/bo/dy but got sunshine in your pockets and that good soul in your News Feed, perhaps you feel a tad overwhelmed when it comes to start off your brand or showcase your first work. It is a World WILD Web out there, with tons of hungry aspirational people with filters, good ideas or smart intentions and it is indeed, challenging to stand out from the crowd and get the precise amount of exposure that is needed in order to achieve internet success. The only kind of success quantifiable.

Even though, on a daily basis, I am like 5 minutes away to embody a clown with my quirky style choices, I am a closeted introvert.  I paint with my outfits the mask I shall wear everyday to cover the fact that I very much rather to document others, than being documented, which is fairly, the contradiction I live as an artist. As you can see, it is quite easy to document my existence on my way to my retail job from East to West London every time I stop for a pack of Twizzlers somewhere only Central Line knows.

Particularly, I do not enjoy to be social, I have one gay friend and one Mexican mother. And that is that. The rest of my family is left to be remember at Christmas or sometimes in their birthdays. (I don’t have one of those. Sorry about that.) I do the occasional Facebook birthday spamy card to my middle aged aunts, because that is what today’s protocol dictates to be considered socially healthy. And to be perfectly honest, it is a struggle. I would be much happier if it was O.K., to ignore those dozens of inboxes I get with meme quotes from the hypothetical wise words of Virgencita de Guadalupe and Jesus Cristo Santo. 🙏